Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cup of Controversy

I love my new coffee cup. It looks fucking cool, holds a lot of coffee and I found it in the Target Christmas clearance section for only $0.99.

So why am I blogging about it?

An interesting thing happened when I posted the picture of it on Twitpic. All the girls loved it. All the boys hated it. My pet even went so far as to say he was going to break the awful thing. I've warned him if anything happens to my cup, his ass will look just as striped. I want to know, though, is there a gender bias to my cup?

I put it to all of you, out of sheer, blatant curiosity. Ugly or awesome?

Please leave your response in a comment and please leave if you are male or female.


  1. I think that cup is revolting, as you well know. My 10 phased plan to destroy it will include llamas, alibis and homeland security. Use it well and often while you can! MUAHAHAHAHAHAA

    BTW: I am ALLLLLLLL MALE baby.

  2. Holy hell, that thing is FUGLY, okay? It belongs to Pippy Longstocking.



  3. I like it, it's whimsical. (Female)

  4. I love it. It's so christmasy (if thats even a word)
    btw female here

  5. If someone gave me that cup, I would hit them with it.


    My mascot, Miss Milky (seen in my profile, http://twitter.com/#!/ok_get_serious) looked at it and threw up from all four stomachs.

  6. a little tall but awesome :o)

  7. I don't care for stripes.. But I like how BIG it is, as a morning coffee drinker that is more important to me than aesthetics. (Female)

  8. I like it. I thinks it's so ugly, it's cute! (Kind of like those revolting dogs people call pugs!) That means, that it would depend on my mood... LMAO

    Woman. All woman baby!!!

  9. It is ugly! But I drink out of ugly mugs often and still love them because they are the right shape/size/etc. It would go perfectly in a collection of mugs where none of them look remotely alike. I would use this mug in a heartbeat.


  10. I like it! Thinking about heading over to Target. It looks like it holds a lot of coffee and it's cheery... I need cheery in the morning because, hello, I'm not! ; ) Oh, FEMALE


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