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BJ Friday with Author Melissa Ecker

Melissa Ecker is a woman who knows the power of her boobs, and she's not afraid to use them! I first started following her on Twitter last year when she tore apart some douchebag who blasted her for not responding to his pervy advances. Since then, I've come to adore and respect her as a genuine friend. I recently read some of her incredibly HOT stories and knew she'd be a perfect candidate for BJ Friday.

I love being right.

So grab your favorite cock or toy and settle in for a sexy interview and a chance to win one of Melissa's books!


Rebecca Harper is making a clean break. The ink is dry on her divorce decree and her dream job has finally come to fruition. In two weeks, she will be on a plane to St. Louis. All her plans are set until sexy cop Justin Cain, her former high school crush, asks her to dinner. This one night out instigates a roller coaster ride of hot sex, serious soul searching and heart breaking decisions. Will Rebecca leave Justin behind to follow her dreams? Or will his love be enough to keep her in Memory Grove?

Alpha Pussy: How did you get started writing erotica?

Melissa: It was by accident, really. I was looking over a publisher's website and saw that they were looking for erotic submissions following a particular theme. I thought, why not? So, I set out to write a menage which ended up being Pull the Trigger. Part way into writing it, the love story was just too strong and I ejected the third party.

Alpha Pussy: Excellent decision. You can feel the organic growth of the love between Rebecca and Justin, although, she did check out Luke's package. I noticed a trend of your heroines having tag team fantasies. If you could have your very own cock party, who would you want for your own tag teaming?

Melissa: Oh, this is easy! Jeremy Shockey and The Rock.

Alpha Pussy: HOLY HELL WOMAN! You don't mess around. Damn...I think I may need a quick toy break. Do you ever get stuck while working on a particularly graphic scene? How do you get unstuck?

Melissa: Usually, when I'm writing graphic scenes they flow really well. It’s almost like real sex. I start with some fantastic foreplay and it naturally progresses to the happy ending. I rarely get...umm...stuck. If I do, I get up and walk around or look at Tumblr and that usually gets me back in the groove.

Alpha Pussy: Your scenes definitely read like real sex, the fantastic kind that is. What’s your favorite body part to describe?

Melissa: I love describing my heroes' arms. There's something so sensual and erotic about strong arms and bulging biceps. I also like to look at big, masculine hands. Wait…you were asking what I liked to describe…

Alpha Pussy: Big hands sliding up my legs, down my back, across my stomach, dipping down...I'm sorry, where were we? What’s your favorite synonym for cock? What about for pussy?

Melissa: Well, cock is such a fun and versatile word but shaft is my favorite alternative. It sounds so completely unyielding and powerful. As for pussy, substituting cunt works for me. This word combines dirty, smutty and hot! And it makes me giggle-snort.


Los Angeles Times reporter, Maggie Wright, is assigned to do a story on the dying dude ranch industry in the south. When the newspaper offers to foot the bill for Maggie and her two friends, Payton Evans and Sophia Foster, to stay at the legendary Weston Ranch in Valentine, Texas, they jump at the opportunity. While it’s not the Caribbean cruise they wanted, how bad could it be?

Expecting a tired farm with dusty old cowpokes, the three big city friends are taken by surprise when they’re each assigned to a dashing cowboy or two for some good, old fashioned ranch training and a whole lot of rough riding. Their limits are tested in ways they never imagined, both in the bedroom and out on the range. After two weeks, will the women run back to the bright lights of Los Angeles without so much as a backward glance? Or will these skilled cowboys have them longing to stay for just a little bit more of their Texas-style heat?

Alpha Pussy: *still laughing over you loving the word cunt* Drake is extremely dominant. Do you prefer your men to be fully in control?

Melissa: I've always been on the shy side. I know...hard to believe. *laughs* So, I definitely prefer the aggressive alpha-type who is willing to take the lead and test my boundaries.

Alpha Pussy: I like having my boundaries tested, but only when I'm the one holding the whip. I love the flaws your characters have. It makes them very real and easy to step into their world and experience their stories. Who is your favorite voice to write so far?

Melissa: Thank you, sweetheart! Actually, the heroine in the novel I'm working on now is my favorite. Carolina is funny and quirky and is probably the character that most closely resembles me. I identify with her eccentricities, her insecurities and her sense of humor, so she's easy to write.

Alpha Pussy: I can't wait to read her book then! Has writing about sex improved your own sex life?

Melissa: I would say yes. Writing erotica has been liberating and I no longer burp soap bubbles when I write the word cock. Also, it has helped me to shed some inhibitions and try out something different. Overall, it has been an awesome experience and, believe it or not, I'm still learning new things!

Alpha Pussy: Shedding inhibitions, especially when it comes to cock, is such an exhilarating experience! And I want to hear about the new things you've learned. In Vivacolor! How many of your scenes have you practiced in order to write them?

Melissa: This question makes me smile. I wouldn't say I practiced in order to write them. But, I have reenacted some scenes!

Alpha Pussy: Funny, because next time I'm with PW I'll be reenacting a few as well. Both Payton and Rebecca are blondes. Do blondes really have more fun?

Melissa: I can't speak for all blondes, but this one does! As do my blonde heroines.

Alpha Pussy: I'm only half blonde, but I've had more fun as with black hair, but maybe I'll let the blonde grow out and we'll see. Do you have a favorite toy?

Melissa: Yes! The Rabbit. Bunny love...

Alpha Pussy: That reminds me, I need to replace my bullet vibe... My first BJ was in high school out in the field behind the portable office…at a church. Tell me about your first BJ.

Melissa: I'm a little fuzzy on the details but I think it was in the car on my birthday after overindulging on Boone’s Farm. I'm guessing it wasn't my best work. *smiles*

Alpha Pussy: I should've asked you about your second one. Explain to me your sock fetish.

Melissa: I'm not sure I can explain it. I’ve loved socks for as long as I can remember. I adored the frilly ones with lace around the cuffs or the longer ones with hearts and rainbows on them. As an adult, I realized I can't write barefoot. I have a huge collection of cute knee socks to keep me motivated! #HappyFeet

Alpha Pussy: I have PowerPuff Girl ones. Which I will shoot to kill over. Wrap it all up by giving your best tip for #BJFriday.

Melissa: This tip goes out to the guys who would like more #BJFriday action...don't forget a woman's mind is a very strong erogenous zone. Please be able to carry on a coherent conversation. I'll leave you with my personal motto: "If you can't turn my brain'll never get my panties off."

Thank you so much for making me wet, Melissa! To find out more about Melissa than even I could get her to divulge and to purchase her perfect-for-reading-in-the-bathtub-with-a-Bathing-Buddy books go here:

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I will pull the winners on Wednesday, March 16th.

Good luck and good BJ's!


  1. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW as always my Goddess! You are like an erotic Barbara Walters, you know if she wasn't a man.

    Melissa: GREAT tip on #BJFriday! Men typically forget there is a fantastic brain connected to a vagina or a pair of titties. The way to a womans heart and copious amounts of sex is truly by respecting and revering a woman as a whole, not just parts. Well said and great advice! Cannot wait to read your books, between beatings.

  2. Fabulous interview ! Love your work!

    I love the sock fetish! We used to have regular "silly sock" days at work...I think it's a really cool ritual to have :-)

    And as PW says..great advice for the guys there!

    Your books sound very much up my alley...will definitely check them out and soon. Hmmm..I think I need some extra stimulation *vbg*::::runs off to Melissa's website::::


  3. HOT! And I need to thank Ms Melissa for the nice little twitch I felt.That lady's a gem.

  4. Awesome interview w/one of my favorite authors and Grammar whore! LOL Her books are awesome...loved reading them all.

  5. Well, I follow the blog already (those are my legs down on the bottom row, haha!), and I follow you both on Twitter!

    Fantastic interview! And I can't wait to read these books. Plus, the Jeremy Shockey / Rock shots are just too hot to miss. Woot! :)

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  7. Great, fun interview! (Forgot to include my contest entry count: 1 for the comment - 3 for the tweet)


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