Thursday, December 9, 2010

Flogging PW

As I mentioned in my previous post, I purchased a flogger a few months ago. Of course, I already have my eye on another one, but I'm waiting for Santa to bring that one. I can't imagine he'd skip a trip to the girl a the top of his naughty list this year.

I'd originally intended to purchase the Pink Whip, but then I saw this one.

The metal handle with accompanying chain is what did me in. It's just so SEXY.

What I love most about my flogger is the ability to use it both to tease and to visit true punishment. Some of you may be pointing to those soft looking tips and saying they can't bring any real pain. See, that's where you're wrong, because it's all in the wrist. Have you ever been snapped by a towel? Imagine at least 30 small towels snapping your skin all at once. Repeatedly.

Now that you have a clear picture of how PW felt, let me describe what really matters. How I felt.

Like sex incarnate. The power of him submitting to me while I teased, taunted and flogged him was amazing. As I mastered the subtle wrist flicks, watching the welts rise, a sense of invincibility settled over me. I felt every last bit the Bitch Goddess that I am.

While this wasn't the only method of spanking or punishment I used, it was my favorite. But if Santa will see fit to bring me The Snake Dominator 1, black please, I would be open to comparison.

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  1. I am glad YOU had fun oh my Goddess of love and lusts :) my ass still hurts and I want a cookie.....

    Black please? it figures!


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