Friday, February 25, 2011

BJ Friday with Author Lynne Roberts

Lynne Roberts KNOWS sexy! The first time I read one of her stories (and I was critquing at the time so it wasn't even a finished product!) I had to grab a toy and sneak off afterward. Her latest story, CREATIVE LICENSE, contains one of THE hottest BJ scenes I've EVER read--it even gave ME ideas. Here's a closer look at CREATIVE LICENSE.

Loose ends have a way of tripping you up…

Years ago, a law school graduation weekend in Vegas had been part of Lily MacPherson’s plan. Waking up next to a naked Adonis with a ring on her finger was not. After a quick annulment, she relegated Caleb Anderson to her late-night fantasies—and very short list of mistakes—until his voice on the other end of the phone asks a favor that could shake the foundations of her neat and tidy future.

Caleb is still haunted by Lily’s horrified expression that morning in Vegas. At least it had made it easy to set her free…except they aren’t. The papers were never filed. And when the nosy patroness who could launch his painting career insists on meeting his “wife”, does he confess, or call Lily? He calls Lily.

When she steps off the plane, Caleb’s determination to play tour guide disappears in the San Francisco fog. Lily thought she could keep up the pretense for one weekend, cut the last tie to her past, and move on. But their chemistry still pops and sizzles, finally exploding into passion at Caleb’s studio.

It’s everything they remember…but so is the yawning chasm of differences that, in the end, could once again drive them apart.

Product Warnings

Contains balmy ocean breezes, coffee as seduction, the creative use of melted chocolate, and naughty shower lovin’ that gives new meanings to the term “shower head”.

Now you understand just how excited I was to kick off my BJ Friday Interviews with Lynne and she certainly didn't disappoint.

Alpha Pussy: You have several top selling stories. How did you get started writing erotica?

Lynne: I’ve been writing fantasy since 2005 but having little luck placing anything with an agent. A good friend of mine wrote erotica so I read some of hers out of curiosity. I was challenged. I’d never written a sex scene let alone used the words, ‘pussy’ or ‘cock’ in a story. At the time I was a little frustrated with hitting the publishing brick wall so I decided to write an erotic story of my own just to see if I could. When it, FIRST DATE, was done, I sent it to my friend, who told me to sub it. I did and it was contracted. I immediately wrote AFTER HOURS and the rough draft for HOOKING UP and CREATIVE LICENSE. Due to a family tragedy, I had to reduce my writing/editing time and there’s a year between AFTER HOURS and CREATIVE LICENSE’s release dates.

Alpha Pussy: I'm sorry, I know that was a rough time for you. But apparently what doesn't kill us turns us into sex fiends. What’s your favorite body part to describe?

Lynne: Shoulders, no… thighs… no, I think maybe the stomach. We are talking a male body part, right? LOL I love the male body. I love the curve of muscle and they way they glide under the skin when a man moves. The one area I’ve never accurately described, so it’s never ended up in my books, is that area where the hip and pelvis meet. A man’s hips are a work of art! The triangle of muscle that frames the dusting trail of hair leading to… well, I’m getting carried away. ; )

Alpha Pussy: Oh, by all means, please continue. I think all of my readers just turned up their vibrators. How many different words for cock and pussy have you used in a single story?

Lynne: Ai! Okay, would you believe I have a file of them? I prefer the synonyms for cock. I never much liked the word ‘cunt’, even though I’ve used it. It has a vulgar feel…. I know, you might disagree… and I refuse to use anything flowery like honeypot, which narrows it down. Realistically, there needs to be at least 4 or 5 in each story or it sounds repetitive…. I tell you, when I edited FIRST DATE the first time, I made a list of where each word was… I kept it. Although this is fictional, it looks like this:
- Pussy: Page 2,5,15,15,15, 24,26,28,28,28
- Cock: Page 4,5,7,8,8,9,15,15,
- Shaft: Page 15,15,28,28

Alpha Pussy: Only a fellow Virgo would keep a file like that. And I'm not much for the word 'cunt' unless someone truly earns that title. Honeypot? *falls over laughing* How many scenes of Creative License have you put into real life practice? Which is by far your best experience?

Lynne: Okay, this is so tame…. I’ve eaten the chocolate sundae Lily and Caleb shared in Ghirardelli’s and let me tell you, it’s a great experience! However, I read my work aloud to my man and I stopped at the chocolate body paint scene, because, well, I didn’t want to give it away…

Alpha Pussy: That is tame! No wonder you write this so well. You've got to get out of your head once in a while and live this stuff! I'm going to assign you to do some Show & Tell with your man for the body paint. In fact, I think I'll take that assignment myself, however, I'll have him painting me. Tell me about Caleb, and be very specific.

Lynne: What is there to tell about Caleb? He’s perfect… and he’s not. He’s down to earth, creative, passionate, talented, sexy as hell, giving, he can cook, did I mention he’s sexy? He’s silly, he’s witty, he loves life. I loved describing his shoulders et al. ; ) When I developed Caleb, and that sounds almost strange because he almost appeared fully formed in my mind, I didn’t hold back. I decided to make him the ideal man. For me, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have flaws. (ugh, hate that double ‘doesn’t’) I’d hate a perfect man because well, I’m not and neither are my characters. But I’ll let you decide. Is Caleb your ideal man?

Alpha Pussy: Now I'm wondering which part of Caleb's form appeared fully in your mind first? One of the aspects I love the most about your writing is the heat and incredible passion so evident between your hero and heroine. Care to share a bit about your writing process?

Lynne: Oh wouldn’t you like to know? LOL Honestly, it’s all my imagination. I usually start with a concept, or a scene. Then let my imagination play the ‘what if’ game. CREATIVE LICENSE almost didn’t get written because I thought the original concept (married in Vegas—divorce didn’t go through) was cliché. Oddly enough, that concept isn’t a big player in the story. This is one of my favorite books. Once I have the characters, I start torturing them. ; ) I come up with all sorts of ideas to keep them apart; personality quirks, hang-ups, needs, desires. In this book, Lily took more effort than Caleb… because, like I said, Caleb sprung to life fully formed.

Alpha Pussy: Caleb springs fully in a lot of areas. I would love to borrow him for an evening. Has writing about sex improved your own sex life?

Lynne: Um… I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but no. I um, lived through my characters when I wrote this book. Now that I have a loving, gorgeous, wonderful man (that gives Caleb a run for his money) my sex life doesn’t need a boost. LOL But I think it has the potential to.

Alpha Pussy: You should let him pick a scene to re-enact with you for his birthday, holidays, or just because it's Saturday. Your story Hooking Up burned into my head the first time I read it. INCREDIBLY HOT!!! Tell me where you got the idea.

Lynne: Wow… years and years ago, my sisters took me to dinner for my birthday. There was a man staring into his drink as though the melting ice held the answers to every problem. I scribbled something down on a napkin. Later, when I found the napkin, I started tossing ideas around. Why was he there? What were his problems? When you meet Glenn in HOOKING UP, he’s staring into his scotch.

Alpha Pussy: Just thinking about the beginning of that story makes me want to go read the rest of it...aloud to my man and have him take notes. If you were to get snowed in with any one man of your choice, who would it be and why? Or will you be greedy and choose more than one?

Lynne: LOL. That’s easy. My man. ; )

Alpha Pussy: Wrap it all up by giving your best tip for #BJFriday.

Lynne: I actually asked my significant other about this one. He raised his eyebrow and smiled. So my tip for you…Take ownership. It’s yours, learn it, enjoy it to the max and so will he…oh, and loosen your grip from time to time. ; ) Trust me.

Excellent tip, Lynne! Thank you for the fun and naughty interview! Next time I'll be sure to tie you up during.

Be sure to check out Lynne Roberts' site where you can purchase her truly scintillating stories. Believe me, you'll want to stop by the toy store first.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm a Prejudiced Bitch

I'm all about not judging a book by it's cover. What matters to me is who a person is, not what she/he looks like or comes from. My relationship with my mate is one the standard society considers to be an alternative lifestyle. I'm accepting of everyone as long as they aren't candidates for the Hall of Douchebags or insufferable bitches, so I admit I consider myself fairly unprejudiced.

That self-view was challenged the other day when a friend confessed that she was in a Dom/Sub relationship in which SHE was the sub.

I freaked.

He was an abusive asshole taking advantage of her. How dare he TRAIN her? When the fuck did we end back in the 50's where the good little woman flits around doing the man of the house's bidding? Didn't she know she was worth more than that? How could she let a man put her in any kind of position where there's violence? Give me 5 minutes with this man and I'd show him what a REAL dominant is.

I'd fucking beat his ass black and blue.

It was at this point the realization hit me. I'm a prejudiced bitch. I was fine with a Dom/Sub relationship just as long as the woman was the Dom. I despised the idea of any woman underneath a man's heel.

We all view life shaded by our experiences, and I have been subjected to several appallingly awful men hellbent on destroying my will and keeping me under their control. So when I heard about a man being in power, my mind automatically took me to viewing it as an abusive relationship. Especially since the only Doms I regularly communicate with are women.

What I had failed to consider was the fact that my friend wasn't forced to obey this man, she had chosen to. Just like my pet puts his heart, soul, mind and body into my control and trusts me to take care of him. While I wouldn't hesitate to punish my pet, I would never cause him harm or allow harm to befall him. Our relationship sometimes can be one giant power struggle, but it's not because either one of us desires to truly hurt the other. I had to recognize that this Dom didn't lack my mindset simply because he was a man.

One of the aspects I love the most about being in an FLR is the absolute love and trust between my pet and I. Yet, this is not exclusive to an FLR. Being a Dom is a huge responsibility. You must care for your Subs needs all while setting the rules and being consistent in upholding them. (Because Subs can be very needy and tend to get very bratty when their needs aren't being met.) It's exhausting at times, but extremely rewarding.

I will end this by saying to my friend who has no idea that she sparked this blog post, I'm sorry. I apologize for instantly trivializing your choice and your happiness by allowing my prejudices to take over. I wish you nothing but the best and thank you for sharing your journey with me.

And if he ever does abuse you, I'll fucking knock his teeth down his throat.